FlyInside Flight Simulator, Version

Following a comprehensive platform update back in December, the development team at FlyInside Flight Simulator have released yet another product update bringing the software up to version

The new version update includes a completely overhauled VR interaction system, according to the developer, “Nearly every switch in every cockpit can be manipulated using your controllers.  The new system makes it easy to grab the lever or switch you want without accidentally bumping others.  Improved haptics mean you can feel when you come into contact with a lever, and you’ll know when you pass every transition in a tiny three-way switch.  A new virtual yoke system makes it just as easy to fly an airplane with a VR controller as it was with a physical joystick, and you can fly helicopters this way too.”  Moreover, the update includes several minor bug fixes relating to VR controllers as well as a revamped user interface.

In addition to VR improvements, the update features a brand new helicopter model and solidified autogen trees + houses.

Check out the version video trailer below.

To read the complete update announcement, see the news section of the FlyInside website.  The simulator is now available through both the developers website and Steam.

*Video and feature image courtesy of FlyInside Flight Simulator.

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