FlyJSim Rainman Package for 727 + 732, “Coming this Week”

Developer FlyJSim has posted a new preview video showcasing the upcoming Rainman Package for the Boeing 732 Twinjet Professional V3 and Boeing 727 Series Professional V3. The update is a quality of life extension and features numerous improvements to the existing aircraft models.

According to the video description.

With thousands of FlyJSim pilots worldwide, it’s time we delivered a “Quality of Life” patch, that brings new challenges to existing pilots, and assists newcomers to the aircraft. Featuring the hotly anticipated librain effects, which depicts realistic and reactionary windshield effects to both aircraft. Coupled with upgraded terrain radars, avitab, flight directors and more…. the rainman package will certainly keep you on your toes for the fall.

However, perhaps most important, release is “coming this week.”

You may recall, the update was also addressed as part of the FlyJSim July development update.

Anyway, for more information about FlyJSim or either product, visit the developers website. Stay tuned for an official release announcement.

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