FlyTampa Hong Kong Updated to V2.0, Prepar3D V4

FlyTampa has released version 2.0 with regards to the developers Hong Kong Kai Tak International Airport scenery.  The latest update has been completely recompiled using the Prepar3D V4 SDK and as such, offers full compatibility with the platform.  Moreover, version 2.0 includes a number of product additions and updates improving upon the existing scenery.

FlyTampa Hong Kong Updated to V2.0

Please see below for a complete changelog according to the developer.

Hong Kong Updated to Version 2

– Added SODE jetways
– Added safegates
– Completely recompiled using P3Dv4 SDK
– Improved loading time
– Updated ground polys using ZBias method
– Updated ground pavement textures
– Updated ground markings
– Updated IGS 13 Lighting/Halos
– Added 3D grasses
– Added rain/Wet FX
– Added dynamic lighting
– Added “Low-Visibility” Airport Lighting option
– Added static GA aircraft
– Added 3D Animated ground crew
– Updated night textures
– Installer uses add-ons.xml method
– Installation is self-contained and can be moved elsewhere after installation

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Congratulations to the FlyTampa team, it’s always fantastic to see developers continuing to improve and maintain existing product offerings.

On a slightly different note, only yesterday, the team provided a brief update with regards to Las Vegas development progress, see our post dated July 21, 2018 for more.

To review the original release announcement and above product image, visit the developers official Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about the Kai Tak scenery, check out the product page via the developers website.

*Image courtesy of FlyTampa.

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