FlyTampa, Las Vegas Progress Update

FlyTampa has posted a brief progress update with regards to the developers upcoming KLAS, Las Vegas McCarran International Airport project.  According to the developer, the project is taking longer than originally anticipated.  Nonetheless, despite the extended development timeframe, the scenery is said to be coming along nicely.

Please see below for a previously released project image showcasing the airport D gates.

FlyTampa Las Vegas Progress Update

Moreover, see below for the complete statement according to Emilios of FlyTampa.

Truth is that Vegas is taking more than i had originally anticipated. We’ve put a lot of detail on the strip and surroundings which take long to perfect (especially at night) – the airport itself has quite some variation of old, new, and newer structures , not to mention its ‘special’ features

it’s coming along very nicely though, just bit more patience and some shots will come. Its one of those that needs to be almost final to really show

This will most certainly be a yet another high quality benchmark release and as such, I’m happy to see the team taking all the time necessary.

To review the original statement source, jump to page 7 of the official project development thread via the FlyTampa forums.  If you’d like to see the above preview image source, visit page 1 of the same development thread.

*Image courtesy of FlyTampa.

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