PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather, Status Update

PILOT’S has published a new status update concerning FS Global Real Weather and Prepar3D version 4.4 compatibility as well as upcoming X-Plane enhancements.  According to a post via Facebook and with respect to Prepar3D version 4.4 compatibility, “The good news is, it is not too far away as of now.  The bad news is, we won’t make it for the weekend.”  Moreover, specifically regarding the X-Plane version, the developer is currently in the process of, “revamping the 64bit version of FSGRW for great enhancements with X-Plane.”

Accompanying the original post, PILOT’S provided a single teaser image showcasing X-Plane related FS Global Real Weather enhancements alongside the description, “The only hint I give is high altitude Cirrus” – please see below.

On a different note, PILOT’S is also currently in the process of finalizing LEAM, Almeria Airport for X-Plane – more information is expected very soon.

To review the complete status update, see the source post via the FS Global Real Weather Facebook page.

*Image courtesy of PILOT’S.

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