FS2Crew Ultimate Ground Crew X, Coming Soon

FS2Crew has posted a brief status update with regard to the developers upcoming Ultimate Ground Crew X software addon (for FSX and Prepar3D). Perhaps most important, according to byork of FS2Crew, the current release target is only two weeks away. Please see below for the compete status update.

Ladies and Gents,

Thought I’d update you all on UGCX… our¬†contender for the “Longest FS addon under development in history” award.

The target release is 2 weeks from now.

Again, this is a target only, and if we have to pull up and go around, we will, but I think we’re finally there.

I’m finally happy and satisfied with what I’m seeing.

UGCX does a lot more than just pushback, but pushbacks are the heart of it.

In this regard, UGCX is the most powerful program on the market… bar none.

You’ll love it.

The original post is available via the FS2Crew forums. For those interested, we last reported regarding Ultimate Ground Crew X back in March. As always, stay tuned for more.

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