FSDG 2019/2020 Project Roadmap

FSDG has disclosed the developers 2019/2020 project roadmap.  The information was posted as part of a project announcement thread for scenery developers.  The purpose of said thread is to avoid duplicate sceneries within the development community.  Keep in mind, some of the information was already available as part of FSDG’s previous project development schedule released back in August 2018.

Please note, the below image is for representative purposes only and depicts FSDG St. Vincent.

Anyways, check out the complete 2019/2020 project roadmap below.

  • Rhodes (LGRP/LGRD)
  • Nairobi (HKJK)
  • Enfidha (DTNH)
  • Casablanca (GMMN)
  • Marrakesh (GMMX)
  • Martinique (TFFF)
  • Hurghada (HEGN)
  • Male (VRMM)
  • Keflavik / Iceland (BIKF)
  • Barbados (TBPB)
  • Antalya (LTAI)

If you’d like to review the original project list, see the source thread via FSDeveloper.  For more information about FSDG, visit the developers website.

Although not identified on the roadmap, Bremen Airport is coming soon.

*Image courtesy of Flight Sim Development Group.

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