FSDG Bremen Airport, “Final Stages”

Developer Jetman has posted a new set of preview images showcasing FSDG’s upcoming EDDW, Bremen Airport scenery for Prepar3D V4.  According to Jetman, “Bremen is in its final stages.”  Moreover, with regards to outstanding development items, Jetman remarks, “The remaining tasks are the night textures and some remaining seasonal fittings as well as error corrections and some animations (yes also including SODE stuff).”

The airport is a midsize international facility located in Bremen, Germany – passenger wise, the airport serves more than 2.5 million passengers per annum.

Check out some preview captures below.

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To review the complete preview post, visit page 4 of the official product development thread via FSDeveloper.  Stay tuned for more information and previews, we will post as they become available.

*Images courtesy of Jetman.

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