FSLabs A319-X and A320-X, Version 262

Flight Sim Labs or FSLabs has released update version 262 with regards to the developers Airbus 319-X and 320-X for Prepar3D V4.2+.  The update primarily improves dynamic lighting performance although there are numerous other smaller scale changes including various sound tweaks, adjusted temperature logic, and fixes associated with FMGC crashes.

FSLabs A319-X A320-X Version 262

Please see below for a copy of the full update announcement according to the developer.

Version 262 of the A320-X and A319-X for P3D v4.2+ is now out!

This update primarily improves performance with Dynamic Lighting. We’ve also fixed some other small items around temperature logic, FMGC crashes and some sound tweaks.

GSX users will also benefit from enhanced Door 1L closing logic — you can now choose whether to continue closing the door manually, or else have the door close automatically following either a realistic delay of 5-10 minutes after boarding is completed, or a ‘fast’ automatic closing almost immediately after GSX boarding completes (please note you will need to ensure your GSX is updated to the latest version).

Go get it from our redownload service at https://redownload.flightsimlabs.com/ !



External Model:
– Various small fixes and improvements

Virtual Cockpit:
– Various small fixes and improvements

– UMPolicy now read from base 320 folder
– Dynamic lighting optimizations

– Brake temp logic improved

– FM: Fix for crash under certain conditions

– PTU logic fixes
– Gear logic fixes

– St Elmos fix

– Logic fix for pax synchronization

– 1L auto close logic improved

Temp model:
– Cargo temp tuning improvements
– Duct temps in cabin tuning
– Sun heat adjustments

Available now via the developers product download service website.  To review the original update announcement, jump to the source post via the developers official Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Flight Sim Labs including the A319-X and A320-X, visit the developers website.

*Image courtesy of Flight Sim Labs.

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