FSLabs A320-X Version + General Status Update

Flight Sim Labs has released update V2.0.1.258 with regards to the developers Airbus 320-X.  The update brings compatibility to Prepar3D V4.3 and offers various product improvements and fixes.  According to the developer, the update is intended for Prepar3D V4.2 and V4.3 only, a subsequent 32-bit update is expected in due course.  This release is certainly good news as I know many users have encountered significant compatibility issues when using the aircraft in conjunction with Prepar3D V4.3.

In addition to the A320-X product update, the developer notes that the A319-X for Prepar3D V4 is now in the final stages of testing and release should be coming very soon.  Moreover, FSLSpotlights has also been updated and remains free of charge.

FSLabs Airbus 320-X Update V2.0.1.258

Check out the full announcement below according to the developer and as posted by forum administrator Lefteris Kalamaras.

Hello all,

We’re pleased to announce the release of version of our A320-X for Prepar3D v4.2 and v4.3!

Along the way we’ve been listening to all your feedback on problems and ideas for improvements, and we’re confident that this update will solve a great deal of those little niggling issues that some have experienced.

One important thing to note is that this new updated version will support P3D v4.2 and v4.3 only. v4.1 users will need to update their sim to take advantage – something which we recommend everyone does in any case, as each incremental update to Prepar3D brings numerous fixes and improvements to the overall sim experience.

As is often the case with these things, there are literally too many little changes, fixes and improvements to list in detail, but overall we think you’ll enjoy a smoother, more stable experience. You’ll find a non-exhaustive list of the main highlights below.

You can get the updated installer by heading to our redownload site and entering your A320-X license information.

FSLSpotlights v2.0.0.9

Alongside the A320-X, we have also updated FSLSpotlights for Prepar3D v4 to v2.0.0.9. This version includes P3D v4.3 support and is required for v258 of the A320-X to work correctly.

As a reminder – as we announced in our last update, Spotlights is now a totally free product and you’ll be able to use it in all your add-on aircraft, not just the A320-X. You can download it from here.

A319-X for Prepar3D v4

One of the reasons we were keen to get the A320-X update out is because it includes a great deal of infrastructure which will be required for the upcoming A319-X. The good news is that we are now wrapping up the very final stages of testing the A319-X and provided no last-minute showstoppers leap out at us we hope to have the Baby Bus in your hands very soon!

A320-X 32-bit Update

We are still in the final stages of beta testing the update for 32-bit platforms and we hope to have this in your hands soon after the release of the A319-X.

A320-X v2.0.1.258 Changelog

– P3D v4.3 compatibility update

– FSL Configurator:
– Logic improved when SSAA / FXAA entries missing
– Policy Ignore logic fix

– External model:
– Fix for IAE fan animation logic
– Fix for CFM fan animation logic
– Improved CFM cone geometry / texture
– Nose Gear Inner part textures reworked
– Parking brake light added
– Various small cosmetic fixes

– Virtual cockpit:
– Pedestal ACP click events updated
– Side windows updated / improved
– Guarded switches initial position logic fix
– Trim wheel animation improvements
– Trim wheel indicator texture / lighting reworked
– Main panel lettering quality improved
– Captain window shader fixes
– Various small cosmetic fixes

– GSX:
– Auto-door logic implementation
– Fix for crash when loading/unloading with GSX

– Autoflight:
– Fix for FCU Speed Selected

– FM:
– Fix for NAV->HDG downgrade crash bug
– RNP translation fixed (requires updated nav database)
– OPT FL during CRZ CLB/CRZ DES fix
– Pause at TOD now at 20nm before TOD
– Lateral fix for nearly codirectional segment flaw during path minification
– DIR TO fixes when pseudo waypoint exists between TP and TO
– APPR PERF page fixes
– Fix for intl date line logic bug
– X424 updates for APT listing
– Radial Fix Info page RETURN logic fixed
– FG:
– Tuning for Autopilot in ALT* modes

– Radios:
– COM Radios tune to 122.8 / 118.1 by default now

– Oil Temp:
– Several logic fixes

– Fuel:
– Several logic fixes
– FRV Flow rate reverted to 300Kg/h
– Fuel tank sun exposure area improvements
– Fuel Temperature model overhauled. Main features:
– Fuel Pumps affect temperature
– IDG thermal model added
– Sun power and shade logic added

– Sounds:
– Several logic improvements
– Fuel pump sounds tuned
– APU Volume reverted
– IAE Sounds improved
– CFM Engine sounds improved
– PA logic improvements
– Fix for multiple sound device related crash

– IDG:
– New thermal model completed

– DMC:
– E/WD Fuel ECAM page fix
– Fuel used logic fix
– Fix for Chrono running in Paused state

– Autobrake MED distances / deceleration tune

– AOCService:
– Minor fixes and enhancements and new file detection algorithm

As always, thank you very much for your continued support!

Go get your update today!

To see the original announcement, jump to the source thread as posted via the developers official forum.  If you’d like to learn more about Flight Sim Labs, visit the developers website.

*Image courtesy of Flight Sim Labs.

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