FSLabs A319-X Video Demo + Rain Effects

Yesterday evening, Twitch user Blackbox711 streamed a demonstration video session via Twitch showcasing the upcoming FSLabs A319-X.

The video illustrates various product features including the newly announced rain effects.  In essence, rain drops can be seen streaming down the windscreen, moreover, as moisture builds, the windscreen actually fogs.  It actually looks very good, particularity the fogging aspect of the feature.

See below for a screen capture of the rain effect, note the visible fogging.

FSLabs A319-X Airbus Video Cockpit Rain Effect

Other features such as the previously announced icing model are demonstrated as part of the video.  Certainly provides a nice overall perspective of the aircraft and well worth a watch if you’re interested in the product.

The million dollar question of course is how will this product stack up against the soon to be released Aerosoft Professional series, only time will tell.

To watch archived Twitch video stream, click here.

*Video image capture courtesy of Twitch user Blackbox711.

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