FSPS Augsburg Airport for Prepar3D V4, Released

GERMANY – FSPS has released EDMA, Augsburg Airport for Prepar3D V4.  The release represents the first in-house scenery development by the FSPS Store.  Located in the Swabia region of Bavaria, Germany, the airport is a relatively small general aviation facility.  Features include high resolution ground imagery, custom buildings, dynamic lighting, specular effects, 3D seasonal grass, compatibility with various Orbx products, and much more.

Check out some release images below.

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Next, see a complete product features list.

  •          Highly detailed representation of Augsburg Airport and surrounding area
  •          High-resolution textures
  •          Photorealistic ground based on high-resolution aerial imagery (20cm/px)
  •          Dynamic night lighting at the aprons
  •          Automatic season switching for photoground and vegetation (SODE)
  •          Runway & taxiway lighting is not only active during night, but also depending on the weather conditions (SODE)
  •          Animated Windsock indicating wind speed and direction (SODE)
  •          3D Grass during Spring, Summer & Fall
  •          Realistic specular effects for ground & buildings
  •          Fully compatible with ORBX FTX Germany South, FTX Global, FTX Vector & openLC Eur

For more information, additional screenshots, or to purchase, visit the product sales page via the FSPS Store.  As of the time of this writing, the scenery is priced at €19.95 EUR.

*Images courtesy of FSPS.

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