Gaya announces Berlin Tegel Airport

GERMANY – As expected, Gaya Simulations has made the first of three project announcements set to occur over the weekend. The first project is Berlin Tegel Airport (EDDT) for Prepar3D v4+, X-Plane 11, and eventually MSFS. According to Gaya, the scenery is already in the “advanced stages of development.”

Interestingly, in the real world, the airport is set to close as of June 1, 2020, and may never reopen (as Brandenburg is scheduled to open later this year). Nonetheless, the team has decided to move forward with the project and hopes that it might serve as a “memorial of such an iconic airfield.”

Please see below for the complete announcement and some preview images.

It’s announcement day 1 of 3, here at Gaya! We are so excited about what we are going to show you over the next few days, that we want to celebrate it by offering you a chance to win a FREE Gaya product! To participate you only have to check our Instagram account!…

And now, what you all have been waiting for… Willkommen in Berlin!!

We are going to Berlin-Tegel, and it will be developed for all the major platforms (P3D, X-Plane and MSFS) !! It is already in advanced stages of development, and it will also include a seamless integration with the fantastic 3D modelling of the City of Berlin, that will be offered in MSFS.

We will bring you an incredible rendition of this emblematic airport, with all the details that you are used to see on every Gaya projects! We appreciate that the closure of the airport has been brought forward, due to the current global situation, but we have decided to continue with the development of the project and offer you a product that will also serve as a memorial of such an iconic airfield.

It has an “older Eastern-German style” and a very special vibe that we think we have been able to capture and reproduce!

I think our strong presence in Europe, and our lack of fear to develop major airports and HUBs is a proof of what is to come in the months ahead, so bare with us!

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