Godzone Progress Screenshot, Christchurch

Godzone Virtual Flight, the developer behind many wonderful New Zealand sceneries has released a single progress image showcasing NZCH, Christchurch International Airport.  Obviously, still a long ways to go, according to the developers Facebook post caption, “Still a lot of work to do on NZCH, but I’m starting to see it coming together.”.  Great to see this project pushing forward and I’m very much looking forward to release, New Zealand is such a wonderful place to explore.  Check out the referenced image below.

On another random note for those interested, the developer has now added SSL support to their store page.

Anyways, to see the original posting, visit the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Godzone Virtual Flight and some of their amazing past releases, visit their website.  Stay tuned for more!

*Image courtesy of Godzone Virtual Flight.

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