Vidan Design Aalborg Airport, Ground Poly + GSE

Vidan Design has released several preview images showcasing ground poly work and ground service equipment at the developers upcoming Aalborg Airport scenery.

With respect to ground poly work, as previously reported, airport ground markings have been changed in the real world and as such, the airport has provided the developer with design diagrams to ensure the scenery is current at the time of release.  Moreover, in regards to ground service equipment, the previews appear to be well modeled and true to life.

Check out a selection preview screenshots below.

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Everything is looking very good indeed, I’m very much looking forward to this release as I know many are.  Stay tuned for more previews and project details!

To see all the preview captures, visit the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Vidan Design, check out the developers official website.

*Images courtesy of Vidan Design.

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