HighSkyTech RealView Released

HighSkyTech, the developer behind xAmbience, has released RealView for X-Plane 11.30+. The plugin is a cockpit enhancement product which provides a custom camera head movement engine. In simplistic terms, features include realistic head movement, camera shaking, g-force effects, and custom audio.

Please see below for a complete product features list.


  • Fully custom camera engine
  • Smooth camera movement
  • Horizon hold mode
  • Pitch hold mode
  • Roll hold mode
  • G-Force implementation
  • G-Force camera shaking
  • Camera response to the runway surface
  • Camera response to landing gear
  • Camera response to flaps extension
  • Camera response to gear extension
  • Camera response to speed brakes extension
  • Camera response to STALL
  • Camera response to OVERSPEED
  • Camera response to longitudinal overload
  • Camera response to side overload
  • Overloads implementation
  • Custom Sound Engine
  • Custom thunder sounds
  • Custom turbulence sounds
  • Custom fire sounds
  • Custom stall sounds
  • Custom engine vibration effect
  • Touchdown effect
  • Easy adjustable interface
  • Ability to make custom preset
  • TrackIR compatibility
  • Synchronization with XP Replay
  • ASXP and other weather engines supported
  • Modern UI with 3 pages and dark theme


For more information or to purchase, visit the product sales page via the x-plane.org store. As of the time of this writing, the plugin is priced at $24.95 USD.

Thank you as always to Rafael for the tip.

*Video courtesy of HighSkyTech.

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