Hot Start TBM-900, More Updates

The Hot Start development team is absolutely unstoppable and have released two more updates for the ‘Take Command!: TBM-900’ for X-Plane 11.  Together, the latest product updates bring the software to version 1.0.6 and feature various improvements, additions, and fixes to the existing build.  Keep in mind, there have been six incremental updates since the initial release less than a week ago.

Hot Start TBM-900 Another Update

Please see below for a complete update changelog – once again, for reference purposes, I have also included information from all previous versions.

[Version 1.0.6]
  • Fixed crossing mesh in front cabin
  • Fixed occasional spotaneous “aircraft not activated” in flight
  • Landing gear was being unnecessarily rendered in flight
  • Added autopilot and yaw damper notification messages to avoid landing with them on
  • Automatically hide the sidebar when taking screenshots.
  • Screens weren’t entirely black at night due to residual reflection simulation
  • Fixed non-working charts on Mac due to missing 3rd party libraries
  • Implemented new brake axis management system that allows simultaneous use of pedals and keyboard.
  • Added option to disable low-FPS warning for custom effects
  • Minor optimizations of mesh in cockpit (10,000 polys down)
[Version 1.0.5]
  • Got rid of normal mapping artifact on propeller object
  • Modified VS wheel manipulator avoid backface clicking
  • Removed unused debug-version code for massive speedup in frame rendering
  • Fixed broken async texture transfer to EFIS objects from background threads
  • Optimized tablet rendering to completely disable when not showing tablet
  • Seat mesh optimizations
  • Fixed front steps appearing through pilot door
[Version 1.0.4]
  • Added visual effects configurator for low-end hardware
  • Added MesaGL compatibility
  • Fixed crash when depressurized & oxygen on at high altitude
  • Fixed load crash due to some Windows machines not having properly working random number generators
  • Cut approximately 150,000 polygons from model.
[Version 1.0.3]
  • Cockpit builder fuselage hiding wasn’t hiding front cabin
  • Increased max person weight to 180 kg
  • Fixed crash on soft reload during flight recovery or when switching airframes
  • Fixed crash on startup on AMD GPUs due to broken SPIR-V support in driver
  • Fixed hang on MacOS when updating obstacle database due to instanely slow performance of OS-provided strlcpy
[Version 1.0.2]
  • Implemented synthetic vision performance improvements (adaptive refresh rate, reduce mesh density)
  • Fixed crash due to bad X-Plane dataref values confusing avionics
  • Fixed macOS 10.12 unable to load plugin code due to bad curl library dependencies
[Version 1.0.1]
  • Soft crash due to bad CloseHandle use fixed
  • Hard crash at startup due to failing
  • CryptAcquireContext fixed
  • Mac broken build fixed
  • Minor texturing updates on labels

The updates should now be available via your X-Aviation user account.  To learn more about the Hot Start TBM-900, visit the product sales page via X-Aviation.

Thank you to Rafael for the information.

*The original version of this post was updated to reflect the release of version 1.0.6.

*Image courtesy of Hot Start and X-Aviation.

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