Hot Start TBM-900 for X-Plane 11, Update Tracking

Since the initial release of the Hot Start TBM-900 back in October 2018, the team have proven themselves to be one of the most supportive and responsive development groups within the industry.  Accordingly, Hot Start has now released yet another product update bringing the software up to Version 1.1.9. In an effort to track ongoing version status, we will continue to periodically update this post as well as consolidate changelog information.

Please see below for a complete historical changelog current as of April 26, 2019.


[Version 1.1.9]

Improvements / New Features:

  • New ground steering model to put an end to the unstable takeoffs & landings.
  • Implemented GPU rental costs.
  • Added hand-towing option to the sidebar drawer.
  • XP11.30 engine changes during startup to produce a lower startup ITT spike.
  • Added inertial separator transition sounds.
  • Pressing TIMER on the yoke automatically brings up the TMR/REF page.
  • AviTab support integrated into yoke-mounted tablet.
  • Tablet now stows in the door pocket. You can still use the USB ports to summon it, but this will be removed in a future update.
  • Reworked pressurization schedule. The system will now gradually change the cabin pressure target as we are nearing the destination, instead of going to it immediately on takeoff.
  • Pressurization won’t fling open the OFV fully on landing, but modulate until equalization has been achieved.
  • Corrected high-altitude performance to be within +-2 knots of POH tablets.
  • Implemented configuration-dependent KIAS errors to match POH values.
  • Implemented sidebar drawer smooth animation.
  • AOA sensor failure separated out from AHRS and now individually settable in “Edit Failures” window.
  • Visual configurations window now includes option to use older custom heatblur effect.
  • Expired databases show in amber on MFD splash screen.
  • Replaced G1000 manual link with one for the TBM850 & TBM900.

Bug Fixes:

  • Battery recharge button in maintenance manager was incorrectly disabled.
  • Restructured battery voltage drop with load to give more realistic red battery voltage indications during start.
  • Fixed CAS message pixel alignment issues.
  • GPH indication on EICAS should properly respond when moving into or out of CUTOFF.
  • Electronic checklist was asking for “FUEL SEL” to OFF in a few places, when it should have called for MAN instead.
  • Gear wear was using incorrect sideslip computation.
  • Rudder propwash force correction could end up taking reverse thrust into account, when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed missing pitot & static covers
  • Low-fuel instability wasn’t powerful enough.
  • Fixed prop overspeed on reverse with slow forward motion.
  • Workaround for ReShade bug causing hang in its OpenGL hooks DLL.
  • ODB was missing minimum download speed clamp to abort if the download is slow.
  • Don’t try removing the odb directory if it didn’t exist to avoid a spurious error log message.
  • glutils drawing wasn’t properly disabling vertex arrays, leading to potential crash.

[Version 1.1.8]

Improvements / New Features:

  • New and much fancier headset model.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rain effects would cause screen flashing when reflection detail was above Minimal
  • Fixed broken baro minimums entry.
  • Tutorial arrows need to be able to render in VR.
  • When AUX BP AUTO engages, FUEL PRESS should extinguish when the engine driven pump is operating.
  • SVS impact rendering wasn’t being drawn.
  • SVS on AMD GPUs was not drawing the sky correctly.
  • Increased propeller blade model twist, the old one was a bit too flat.
  • Intercepting NAV in OBS on the outbound portion of the OBS track didn’t work right.

[Version 1.1.7]

Improvements / New Features:

  • Implemented waypoint VNAV constraint entry via the keypad numerical keys.
  • Dropped WXR resolution to get more performance and more realistic “grainy” radar look.
  • Implemented rain, ice and HUD rendering in VR.
  • All sidebar drawer buttons are now available in Plugins menu for enhanced VR usability.
  • All windows can now be opened natively in VR.
  • Reorganized plugins menu to make it more logical.

Bug Fixes:

  • Rain effect compute shader would misbehave when camera was far away from aircraft.
  • Legacy rain effect would misbehave when sim was paused.
  • Fixed crash when using multiple monitors on Windows.
  • Fixed deadlock in synthetic vision code causing the terrain not to update and sim to hang when SVS is toggled.
  • Handle the case when minimums are set to 10,000 ft and the number goes outside the PFD box.
  • Missing tire_skid_speed_mtr_sec broke XP11.26 compatibility.
  • Fixed dark outline around windshield due to bad stencil masking in normal vector computation.
  • Copyright on MFD should show build year.
  • Build OpenGPWS with Garmin audio, not Honeywell.
  • Don’t allow overflowing the approach minimums value.
  • Disable all GL arrays before starting effects rendering to avoid crashes when arrays are left enabled by external code.
  • Refined gear brake failure messages.
  • Added check for O2 refill to only allow it to be done when the tank isn’t full.
  • Fuselage & gear leg repair buttons shouldn’t be available when the parts are ok.
  • Fuel caps shouldn’t be auto-closed when the user reopens the payload manager after leaving them open.
  • Added crash sound when the aircraft falls on the tail or nose.
  • Moved headset audio source position to right seat cushion to match visual model.

[Version 1.1.6]

Improvements / New Features:

  • Implemented new LOC guidance code to work around the need to set CDI to front course.
  • Implemented YD phaseout with airspeed.
  • Added multi-threaded rendering support for synthetic vision. SYN VIS should now be much cheaper on performance.
  • New rain effects using async compute. Available only on Windows & Linux. Mac gets the old rain effect.
  • Implemented the “Vertical track” audio message.
  • Made SYN VIS horizon headings more readable by adding darker outline.
  • Redesigned steering force control logic to better handle centering forces.

Bug Fixes:

  • Steering had a confusing delay on it, which made for difficult directional control.
  • Turning on NAV or STROBE lights should disable red wingtip beacons.
  • Overspeed should come on at 269 KIAS and turn off at 268 KIAS.
  • Reverse numbers should be 27-35 trq, 1850 rpm, Ng 85%.
  • Gear manual extension rates were incorrect.
  • WXR-related crash during resumption of previously interrupted flight.
  • “FMS LFE” should be automatic upon FPL entry on the ground.
  • Pushing Go-Around should put the HSI back into GPS mode.
  • Replaced aural_warn_test and gear_warn recordings with cleaner samples.
  • Implemented OVERSPEED aural message.
  • Force the avionics_on dataref to 1.
  • When we had the A/P override set, unset it if the CDI mode changes.
  • SYN VIS north horizon heading should be 360 and sub-100 headings shouldn’t have a leading ‘0’.
  • SYN VIS airport loading could fail sporadically, resulting in missing runways.
  • SYN VIS old method of computing airport label placement was broken.
  • AIRAC cycle 1904 was mislabeled as 1304.
  • Make sure GL_BLEND is enabled, because in X-Plane windowing context it sometimes isn’t.
  • Bezel drawing didn’t work in popped-out windows due to X-Plane swapping in a different OpenGL context.
  • X-Plane 11.32r2 seems to have broken our Vertex Array Object processing, so we have to work around that.

[Version 1.1.4c]

  • Workaround for 11.31 crash when FMS returns bad airport reference from flight plan.
  • Added multi-sample anti-aliasing to synthetic vision.

[Version 1.1.4]

  • Added HUD circuit breaker.
  • Deepened manipulators and fixed cabin pressure manipulator.
  • Fuel indicator lines were misrendered and showing too low to the actual tank state.
  • Fuel gauge lines should use a gradianted pattern, instead of a flat color.
  • Added GPU exhaust particle effect.
  • Added remap from X-Plane’s TOGA_power to trigger our takeoff guidance and kill X-Plane’s tendency to give full power as if we had A/THR.
  • Added propeller tip vortices at high power and high humidity.
  • Added FUEL SEL AUTO checklist item into the engine start checklist.
  • Removed superflous AUX BP AUTO checklist item from the after start checklist.
  • Implemented new airspeed and altitude tapes with better annunciator mode management.
  • Implemented custom VS tape.
  • Changed G1000 fuel units to gallons – should now show correct units in FPL fuel predictions.
  • Fixed broken AP/TRIMS disconnect and AP off buttons in XP11.30.
  • Switched to using tags for version IDs for more readable version strings.
  • Use XPLMNavRef to avoid airports with inconsistent ICAOs in the X-Plane nav database confusing us.
  • Implemented maximum climb torque and optimum cruise torque marks on the torque gauge.
  • Squashed more marching ants.
  • Added directly settable datarefs for all switches, so integration with external controllers and cockpits is simpler.
  • Added direct set commands for all toggle controls to simplify integration for cockpit builders.
  • Fixed broken alternate static port manipulator.
  • Implemented DIMMER light switch on the overhead.
  • Fixed missing approach pathways on ILS approaches.
  • Adjusted rear seats so armrests are touching.  Adjusted manipulators to reflect armrest changes.
  • Fixed Nav/Strobe lights to be closer to the real thing.
  • Chocks were sometimes misaligned. Added a vertical deflection dataref to align chocks to landing gear.
  • EDM should be using the GASC-computed cabin altitude, not true cabin altitude.
  • Bad fx_lin_multi field array could cause an assertion failure.
  • Obstacle database was broken because FAA had switched to HTTPs and we weren’t expecting that.
  • XP11.30 reordered how the airport loading message is sent at start, leading to a double aircraft system init/deinit on aircraft reload via the Developer menu.
  • Indicated airspeed computation was affected by pitot covers, yielding broken behavior for engine driftdown in windy conditions.
  • Documented all custom switch datarefs + commands for cockpit builders. Can be found under Documentation/DataRefs+Commands.txt.
  • Cockpit manipulator on MFD keypad for digit 0 has incorrect command assigned
  • Fixed TerraMax license conflict causing TerraMax to sometimes deactivate momentarily.
  • Fixed misaligned LOC with runway centerline.
  • Added manual vertical realignment of GS transmitters with actual sim terrain elevation.

[Version 1.1.3]

  • macOS couldn’t load plugin code due to missed extraneous development dependency
  • When the HUD drag manipulator is pulled way down, it should close the HUD.
  • Fixed power lever manipulators incorrectly dragging throttle instead of mixture.
  • Custom popup window cursors weren’t showing up in XP11.30
  • Glass normal map contained noise, resulting in bumpy glass textures. Smoothed out.
  • HUD was rendering incorrectly on XP11.26 when anti-aliasing was used.
  • Re-added the “Engine heatblur” visual effect config checkbox to control the new style of XP11.30 heatblur.

[Version 1.1.2]

  • Implemented AoA display with HUD
  • Sidebar drawer was broken in X-Plane 11.30 when sim was fullscreen
  • Icing effects were drawn as fully white in XP11.30
  • Throttle on-screen mini overlay was drawn with black background in XP11.30
  • Integrated support for particle system in XP11.30
  • Added new particle effects for engine heatblur, contrails, engine fire, wingtip vapor trails and fuel leak.
  • Fixed broken FAA charts due to mishandling of AIRAC cycle 1813
  • Readjusted ECS to not make the cabin so cold at night with low occupancy
  • Implemented X-Plane tailnum dataref sync to generate correctly-named logbook entries.
  • Manipulators all overhauled for VR
  • Brightened the overhead lights
  • Lightened up panel textures
  • Hide pilot models when the door is open
  • Intro tutorial contained a typo
  • Sound init failure can result in crash
  • Updated WMM.COF file to latest release by NOAA

[Version 1.1.1]

  • Deleted prop stripes from 1 side of blades
  • Re-added pens on glareshield
  • Fixed multi-monitor issues with sidebar drawer positioning and screen flicker
  • Flightlog was storing altitude as meters instead of feet
  • Flight recovery with engine running was broken
  • Implemented X-IvAp COM2 workaround.
  • Added disabling of COM1/2 on initial load
  • Landing lights were on with no power
  • Reflection light source for standby instrument on the glareshield needs to be animated
  • GASC cabin rate should be higher, seen up to 890 ft/min IRL
  • Small VRAM memory leak fixes
  • Implemented custom logging facility to capture crash dumps without overwriting them
  • Flightlog units were incorrect for GPS alt and waypoint distance
  • Position restore would incorrectly place aircraft into the air when ground lowered due to terrain flattening settings change or change in scenery
  • Bad unit conversion would produce spurious terrain alerts on landing at high-altitude airports
  • Increased RTC/ITI runway distance inhibit threshold to allow for approaches into runways with close-by terrain.
  • Airportdb could leak open file descriptors
  • Possible use-after-free of runway data in runway data update

[Version 1.1.0]

  • Starter body should cool even with engine ties on.
  • Timer system change on Windows broke state files which had timer rollover issues.
  • Removed HDEF condition from GPS->LOC switchover.
  • Massive refactoring of random failure code and cut sudden failures due to them being too frequent.
  • Don’t reset aircraft to cold & dark on smartcopilot connection in the air.

[Version 1.0.9]

  • Minor mesh fixes on front fuselage to patch up model holes
  • Fixed high levels of gloss on ailerons
  • Fixed texture artefacts on deice panel screws
  • Artificial horizon light scatter fixed
  • New datarefs on spill lights for glareshield
  • Automatic switching from GPS to LOC guidance on a programmed approach wasn’t engaging LOC mode properly
  • Weight-on-wheels sensors should be on all gear legs
  • OFV should begin modulating on the takeoff roll
  • Switched state timer from microclock to unixtime due to potential problem with microsecond rollover on Windows
  • vrconfig with hotspots for walkaround
  • Fixed sudden pitch change when AP was engaged with the aircraft out of trim
  • Retuned steering constants to make crosswind takeoffs easier
  • Lowered minimum PAX weight to allow for children
  • Lightened overhead panel textures to look better
  • Implemented aircraft reset to Cold & Dark when selecting ‘No’ in flight recovery or when a new airframe is created
  • Increased cloud cover sun radiation decrease factor to not overheat the cabin so easily on cold weather
  • Increased cabin surface heat flow rate to cool the cabin a bit in colder weather
  • Implemented hard crash detection
  • Refactored panel overlay drawing code to avoid hard-coding panel viewport offsets to help with rendering on multi-monitor setups
  • Made negative-G effect of fuel instability less pronounced
  • FMS keyboard box joystick move UP should tilt radar down on radar page
  • Fuel indicator should display proper inop indication instead of amber XXX
  • Added code to detect left-most monitor and display drawer there
  • Fixed UI scaling support issues – all windows should now rescale & behave properly with UI size > 100%
  • Fixed windows not properly centering on multi-monitor setups
  • Smartcopilot compatibility fixes – very early work
  • Pushing CWS shouldn’t emit the AP disconnection sound
  • Flipped default CB light position to be off
  • Very short runways could cause a div-by-zero in the runway segment number determination
  • Added xEnviro integration to read rain rate.
  • High-elevation VORs and ILSes could sometimes fail being received due to signal propagation computation errors

[Version 1.0.8]

  • Very large poly reduction in cockpit. Cut another 50,000 polys off the model without loss of visual quality.
  • Brake left/right hold commands were broken by axis logic rework. Put those back in.
  • Implemented datarefs to show aerodynamic flight control loading, control position and neutral point.
  • Flight control aerodynamic load was being incorrectly computed from instrument-indicated airspeed.
  • Toe brake handling in partial axis assign situations is all wrong.
  • Added thrust loading to flight control aerodynamic loading.
  • Added notification about the MAN OVRD lever with engine shut down.
  • Added notification about flooded combustor.
  • Made exterior walkaround clickspots hidden when inside the cockpit.
  • Added radar self-test sounds.
  • Added new internal main door lock/unlock sounds.
  • Turning off autopilot on XP11.30 caused a crash in yaw damper handling code

[Version 1.0.7]

  • Massive VR usability enhancements courtesy of SimVRlabs. Yoke & throttle now directly VR operatable. Also changed a ton of click spots into VR-friendly ones.
  • VR walkaround. Just teleport around the aircraft and remove engine covers, toggle GPU/chocks, pitot covers, static wick covers and static port covers.
  • Added prop governor damage warning when selecting reverse with engine shut down.
  • “Aircraft not activated” regression now finally fixed.
  • Oil was wearing out way too quickly. Retuned to expected real-world performance.
  • Added missing “brakes hold regular effort” that got lost in the brake pedal refactoring process.
  • Fixed crash due to zero-length runway confusing synthetic vision code.

[Version 1.0.6]

  • Fixed crossing mesh in front cabin
  • Fixed occasional spotaneous “aircraft not activated” in flight
  • Landing gear was being unnecessarily rendered in flight
  • Added autopilot and yaw damper notification messages to avoid landing with them on
  • Automatically hide the sidebar when taking screenshots.
  • Screens weren’t entirely black at night due to residual reflection simulation
  • Fixed non-working charts on Mac due to missing 3rd party libraries
  • Implemented new brake axis management system that allows simultaneous use of pedals and keyboard.
  • Added option to disable low-FPS warning for custom effects
  • Minor optimizations of mesh in cockpit (10,000 polys down)

[Version 1.0.5]

  • Got rid of normal mapping artifact on propeller object
  • Modified VS wheel manipulator avoid backface clicking
  • Removed unused debug-version code for massive speedup in frame rendering
  • Fixed broken async texture transfer to EFIS objects from background threads
  • Optimized tablet rendering to completely disable when not showing tablet
  • Seat mesh optimizations
  • Fixed front steps appearing through pilot door

[Version 1.0.4]

  • Added visual effects configurator for low-end hardware
  • Added MesaGL compatibility
  • Fixed crash when depressurized & oxygen on at high altitude
  • Fixed load crash due to some Windows machines not having properly working random number generators
  • Cut approximately 150,000 polygons from model.

[Version 1.0.3]

  • Cockpit builder fuselage hiding wasn’t hiding front cabin
  • Increased max person weight to 180 kg
  • Fixed crash on soft reload during flight recovery or when switching airframes
  • Fixed crash on startup on AMD GPUs due to broken SPIR-V support in driver
  • Fixed hang on MacOS when updating obstacle database due to instanely slow performance of OS-provided strlcpy

[Version 1.0.2]

  • Implemented synthetic vision performance improvements (adaptive refresh rate, reduce mesh density)
  • Fixed crash due to bad X-Plane dataref values confusing avionics
  • Fixed macOS 10.12 unable to load plugin code due to bad curl library dependencies

[Version 1.0.1]

  • Soft crash due to bad CloseHandle use fixed
  • Hard crash at startup due to failing
  • CryptAcquireContext fixed
  • Mac broken build fixed
  • Minor texturing updates on labels


Updates are completely free of charge and available via your X-Aviation user account.  If you’d like to learn more about the Hot Start TBM-900, visit the product sales page via X-Aviation.

Thank you as always to our friend Rafael.

*Image courtesy of Hot Start and X-Aviation.

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