iBlueYonder posts random yet informative Dallas Love Field status update

Image: iBlueYonder

UNITED STATES – In a post via Facebook, iBlueYonder, the development company of Bill Womack, has posted a brief and somewhat random (and not actually that informative, see what I did there) status update regarding Dallas Love Field. The post reads, “For those who are interested in such things, so far the main terminal at KDAL has approximately the same number of polys as one of the llamas I modeled for 7S3 back in 2008.”

Interesting tidbit, good to know the project is still going. Back in late 2018, the scenery was being developed under the Orbx banner and was noted as part of the 2019 project roadmap – presumably, this is still true. Either way, a highly anticipated airport. It’s almost certainly going to be epic. Stay tuned for more.

Pease note, the feature image is old, very old, from a FlightSimCon announcement in 2017.

Source: Facebook, iBlueYonder, Orbx

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