Ilumium Simulation announces Provincetown Municipal Airport

UNITED STATES – Ilumium Simulation has officially announced the development of Provincetown Municipal Airport (KPVC) for Prepar3D v4.4+ and later X-Plane 11 (and even later maybe MSFS). The scenery will include both the airport and a significant portion of the surrounding area. Features noted as part of the announcement include high-resolution textures, a generally high level of detail, and PBR materials.

You can read the complete project announcement below – some preliminary renders have been included as well.

Perched at the stunning tip of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, surrounded by the dunes and marshland in the midst of the idyllic landscape and in close proximity of the picturesque town, Provincetown municipal airport (KPVC) will be a treat for pilots desiring a short, 20 minutes hop from Boston Logan (KBOS) or gems from other developers in the neighbourhood (Nantucket Island, Plum Island, Minute Man Air Field and recently announced Tweed-New Haven Airport).

The scenery will cover a wide area to capture the colourful P-town, its harbour, piers, key buildings and landmark Pilgrim Monument to the south and sandy beaches, scattered cottages and lighthouses to the north and all around the airport. Landscape scenery and capturing of its character is close to our hearts as we have proven with our previous projects.

We will go to great length to capture the essence of the small but charming airport in detail with all of its buildings, clutter, patina and greenery that create a unique atmosphere and charm. This of course means PBR treatment, high levels of details and high resolution textures that will make the airport relevant for sims to come. The scenery will be released for P3D version 4.4+ first, XP 11 next and most likely next-gen-sim-that-we-are-all-fantasizing-about last.

Here is a sneak peek and no, this is not taken in the said next gen sim (it is a render) but could very well be. Today’s simulators have yet to reach those levels. This is a work in progress, with modelling, weathering and texturing still to be done. However, we hope the images portray the levels we strive to achieve, when it comes to future individual airport add-ons. Stay tuned for more, along with other upcoming updates for Slovenia X Photoreal and its Airports.

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