ImagineSim Atlanta 2019, Coming Soon + More

UNITED STATES – ImagineSim has posted a new teaser image and detailed progress update regarding Atlanta 2019 for Prepar3D V4. Perhaps most important, release “won’t be too far away.” Moreover, ImagineSim has announced development of a new build version of KATL in anticipation of Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020.

Please see below for the complete progress update.

We’ve been receiving lots of suggestions for our work-in-progress 2019 update of KATL Atlanta, and a big thank you to all of you that have contacted us. Especially to those of you that regularly travel through ATL and have sent up to the minute photographs and videos.

Included will be the terminal repaints, new taxi line alterations, the dropoff/pickup zone canopies, new animations, new high fidelity vehicle models with off/min/max deployment options, PBR textures, jetway texture changes and the removal of docking guidance at Concourse C, the Delta Flight Museum, the Porsche Experience Center, the Kimpton Overland Hotel complex, a myriad of smaller changes and improvements, and a complete SDK recompile.

We’d love to bring the current version up to our WSSS standard but KATL 2019 is a free update of our current product, a complete re-working of the airport is beyond the scope of this update’s timeframe and budget. We’re sorry but we won’t be able to include some of the more technical suggestions such as UltraHD 4096 textures, large scale terminal rebuilds, sloped runways or terrain undulations.

A complete new-build KATL version to exceed our WSSS standard has already begun in anticipation of Microsoft FS2020. Some of the improvements for this version, including extremely fine mesh terrain data for the entire airport and surrounding areas, are already being incorporated into our KATL XP11 version and possibly a new Prepar3D version if technically viable.

The KATL Atlanta 2019 Update is almost set to go into sim testing and release won’t be too far away.

The original post is available via Facebook.

You may recall, we last reported regarding Atlanta 2019 earlier this month.

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