IndiaFoxtEcho, M-346 Previews + General Development Update

IndiaFoxtEcho has shared several new preview images and a brief status update regarding the Aermacchi M-346 for Prepar3D V4.4+. Moreover, the developer has also provided an update regarding various other projects including the Skyhawk and S-211 for X-Plane 11.

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Just finished the “first pass” texture layout for the external model on the M-346… looking very good so far! There are still several untextured details, but I think that the external model will be fully detailed (except for external loads and interiors) in a couple of weeks. The quality of the model done by SixGhost is impressive, especially in the cockpit area. This makes my work much easier and shortens the development time. This is project is looking really good. The major problem, at the moment, is that the flight manual of the production models are not available – and we have to rely on the prototype manuals which are very complete and detailed…but, of course, have some missing or partial information (e.g.weapon usage, threat simulation features, HMD and targeting pods). Although, thruth to be told, if we could get the same functionality of the prototypes it would be more than enough for the vast majority of the users. At the moment, I think it is a difficult project to export to XP-11 for a number of reasons, but we’ll see. While the model is being built for P3Dv4.4 and above, I am building it to the best of my knowledge to be easy to export to other platforms.

Speaking of other platforms, the S-211 is on short final… just need to solve a couple of minor issues.

…and no, I have not forgotten the Skyhawk: debugging is moving forward at a slow but steady pace. Release is expected by mid September. It is taking a little more than usual to move from the Beta to the RC just because I am trying to make sure that the bugs are not replicated in the current preliminary build of the Super Fox project.

Next, the preview images.

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For those interested, the original post is available via Facebook. Alternatively, to learn more about IndiaFoxtEcho, check out the developers website. As always, stay tuned for more.

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