IndiaFoxtEcho, TA-4J Status and More

Developer IndiaFoxtEcho has posted a new teaser image and brief status update regarding the TA-4J as well as various other ongoing projects.

First, with respect to the TA-4J, beta testing is proceeding well. Although bugs were identified, most items are relatively easy to rectify. Moreover, the master texture file (for the fuselage} was accidentally overwritten and the restore process resulted in the loss of the master file for several liveries. Nonetheless, the final build is still expected within 2 to 3 weeks.

Additionally, in regard to various other ongoing projects, the developer outlines the information below.

Other things I am working on:

  • M-346: started doing some detail work on the textures. Looking REALLY good so far.
  • MQ-25… still unfinished.
  • T-X: still waiting for better cockpit pictures, at this point it is unlikely it will be ready before spring 2020.


  • Eurofighter Typhoon: I’ve been notified of some minor issues with the latest build. Most of them are solved, but it takes a while to build an update.

Other experiments (late 2020 and beyond):

  • T-45 Goshawk…. SLOWLY rebuilding the model, with a higher detail mesh, better textures and PBR.
  • F-14D some very promising experiments with a very high LOD model. Works better than expected in P3D. We’ll see.

The complete status update is available via Facebook. For more information about IndiaFoxtEcho, check out the developers website.

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