Introducing Orbx ESNQ, Kiruna, & ESSD, Dala Airport

Marcus Nyberg of Orbx has posted his project introduction and initial preview images of ESNQ, Kiruna Airport, and EDDS, Dala Airport.  The scenery package will include both airfields complete in usual Orbx style and feature a rarely seen detail, 3D snow!  This feature is clearly visible in several screenshots adding yet another layer of immersion.  Personally, I think it looks fantastic and look forward to testing in the simulator.

Firstly, let’s take a look at some screenshots from ESNQ, Kiruna Airport.  Kiruna is a mining town in the far north of Sweden not far from Narvik, another brilliant Orbx destination.  The airport is served by several commercial airlines including Norwegian Air Shuttle, Scandinavian Airlines, as well as several seasonal charter carriers.

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Next, let’s explore some images from ESSD, Dala Airport, a small regional airfield located in picturesque central Sweden.  The airport sees regular commercial service from AIS Airlines.

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There are many more screenshots posted via the official introductory post on the Orbx forums, check it out!  I’m sure many will be looking forward to this one!

*Images courtesy of Orbx Simulation Systems.  Slider edited by way of black and white filter.

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