JARDesign Group FlightFactor 767 Co-Pilot Plugin

JARDesign Group has announced a new co-pilot plugin for the FlightFactor Boeing 767 (V1.2.13) – X-Plane 11. The project is currently in beta and the developer is looking for 25 community testers. Keep in mind, the plugin is a payware product and there is no official release timeline.

Please see below for a list of product features.


  • Animated 3D co-pilot model (male, “Sandy”)
  • Can recognize and execute voice commands
  • Can speak
  • Can read checklists
  • Can operate with events (flight parameters detection)
  • Can execute SOP (normal procedures, limited)
  • Man and woman co-pilot model (man only included at this time)
  • Script based (possible to edit and change procedures, text, etc.)


For more information or to participate in beta testing, visit the source post via the JARDesign discussion board.

*Image courtesy of JARDesign Group.

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