JRollon + SimCoders SIAI-Marchetti SF260D, Released

Together, JRollon Planes and SimCoders have released the SIAI-Marchetti SF260D for X-Plane 11.  The project is a joint partnership between the two developers and represents a full year of collaboration.  Keep in mind, the package natively feature SimCoders Reality Expansion Pack technology.

Check out the aircraft video trailer below.

Next, see a product features list.

Code driven flight dynamics
  • Super fun to fly, requires your attention all the time
  • Realistic takeoff, landing, cruise, and overall performance
  • Realistic aerobatics
  • Realistic stall behavior (watch your ailerons!)
  • Impressive spin behavior
  • Realistic roll speed at both high and low speeds
Outstanding 3D model and liveries
  • Very light on FPS
  • High performance 4K texture
  • 10 Liveries included
  • Blank textures with PSD available to create your own livery
  • Tire blowout is shown
  • Propeller blades bend on belly landing
  • 3D modeled engine components
  • Custom rain and ice effects
Realistic onboard systems and procedures
  • Pre/Post flight walk-around
  • Custom hand towing mode: use your joystick to push/pull/steer the aircraft on ground
  • Realistic Mass and Balance
  • Complete electrical system with working Circuit Breakers
  • Custom landing gear warning system
  • Custom stall warning system
  • Custom vacuum system
  • Custom flaps system with realistic white-arc behavior
  • Custom fuel system
  • Custom cabin ventilation and windshield defrost system
  • Working Emergency Avionics switch with Emergency Battery
  • Working emergency landing gear extraction procedure
  • Canopy can stay slightly open during flight
Custom Damage & Maintenance System
  • Any system can be damaged if used the wrong way
  • Persistent aircraft state: each livery has its own state that is saved between flights. Damage is cumulative.
  • Maintenance Report available to check the status of the aircraft and do the maintenance and repairs
100% Custom Piston Engine
  • The Lycoming O-540-E4A5 is modeled down to the smallest bolt and breathes air like a real engine
  • Custom fuel pump and fuel filter
  • Realistic Oil System affected by Oil Viscosity. Choose the best oil grade for your kind of operation.
  • Spark plugs fouling. Change the spark plugs type in the maintenance report.
  • Working engine preheater
  • A custom algorithm simulates the fuel/air mixture and its combustion
  • Custom carburetor system with custom icing behavior
  • High fidelity power curve
  • Custom system failures
  • Realistic startup behavior and procedures
  • Automatic startup option for quick start
High fidelity cockpit
  • All switches work like the real ones
  • The cockpit is illuminated by 3D lights
  • The instruments wear out and may give incorrect reading. Tap over them to temporarily try to reduce their error. Fix them in the maintenance report.
  • The cockpit light and indicators bulbs may start blinking and fail. Tap over them to temporarily try to light them up again. Replace them in the maintenance report.
  • Realistic phosphorous lights that dim at night as time passes by
  • Working Circuit Breakers that you can use to shed the battery load in case of generator failure
  • Support for RealityXP GNS
  • Bendix/King KX165 NavCom
    • Realistic startup animations
    • Active/Standby frequencies mode
    • Active only mode
    • Program mode
    • Channels mode
    • CDI mode
    • Bearing mode
    • Radial mode
    • Timer mode
  • Bendix/King KR87 ADF Receiver
    • Realistic startup animations
    • ANT/BFO/ADF modes
    • FLT/ET mode with SET/RST button
  • Bendix/King KFC225 Autopilot
    • Realistic Startup Animations
    • ROLL and PITCH mode
    • HDG/NAV/VS/ALT modes
    • Yaw Damper
  • Garmin GTX330 Transponder
    • Realistic Startup Animations
    • Altitude Monitor mode
    • Count down mode
    • Count up mode
    • Flight Time mode
    • OAT/DALT mode
    • PA mode
HeadShake Integration
  • Use a custom lever in the cockpit to strengthen the belts and reduce the G-Force effects during aerobatic flight
Custom three dimensional sounds
  • Custom sound engine that ensure high performance and quality
  • Dynamic immersive sounds in both internal and external views
  • Sounds are muffled by closing the canopy and wearing the headsets
  • The canopy can stay slightly open during flight to let some fresh air in: you will feel the wind blowing on your face
  • Enjoy the engine sound suffering the torque effects during aerobatic flight
Automatic Updates
  • The airplane is constantly improved
  • Issues are quickly fixed

To review the original release announcement, see the source post via the developers blog.  Alternatively, jump directly to the product sales page via the x-plane.org store.  As of the time of this writing, the aircraft is priced at $44.95 USD.

*Feature image and video courtesy of JRollon Planes.

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