Just Flight Piper PA-28-181 Archer III, X-Plane 11, V1.02

Just Flight has released a new product update for the acclaimed Piper PA-28-181 Archer III for X-Plane 11. The release brings the software up to Version 1.02 and features a number of improvements to the existing aircraft build. Items of note include the implementation of circuit breaker logic, improved FPS performance, and new cockpit sounds. Keep in mind, the project was developed in partnership with Thranda Design.

Coming Soon Just Flight Piper PA-28-181 Archer III X-Plane 11 External

Please see below for a complete update changelog from initial release.


  • Improved performance (FPS)
  • Added new custom cockpit sounds (window, heating controls, HSI slaving switches, carb heat lever)
  • Implemented circuit breaker logic
  • Revised checklists
  • Improved Librain plugin effects
  • Updated manual to provide instructions for installing Librain plugin
  • Wheel chocks can now be removed in VR mode for greater realism
  • Added headphone jack and fade-in effects (click on PHONE socket on left main panel)


  • Added VR magnet attach point for XPad
  • Made spark plug fouling rate and Vapour lock configurable via manifest.json file.
  • Hide Yoke system now responds to X-Plane’s default command
  • Optimised performance.
  • Fixed case sensitivity issue for Linux
  • Removed default wing condensation effects. (They’re excessive by default).
  • Support for rain effects (requires free 3rd party “librain” plugin)
  • Improved VR support (VR pop-up support, cleaned up yoke, more supported knobs, etc.)
  • Improved sounds and sound effects
  • Upgraded to SASL 3.5.1, which now includes pop-out window support
  • Compatibility with the latest RealityXP GTN 750 features
  • Improved flight dynamics for XP11.30
  • Separated out checklist into ‘manifest.json’ file, so it’s now end-user editable
  • Moved cockpit.obj file into ‘objects’ folder, for neater top directory
  • Numerous optimisations and improvements

To review the complete update announcement, see source post via Just Flight ‘Solutions.’ For more information about the Piper PA-28-181 Archer III for X-Plane 11, visit the product sales page via Just Flight.

*Images courtesy of Just Flight.

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