Just Flight Traffic Global, X-Plane 11, Project Update

Jim Keir of Just Flight has posted a new development diary and some additional preview images with respect to Traffic Global for X-Plane 11. In light of paraphrasing the complete write-up, Jim provides a fairly detailed summery towards the end of the article. Please see below.

In short, then, despite the list of outstanding bugs I think we’re in a pretty good place. There’s still a few things, important things, that need to be written but they shouldn’t cause too many headaches. There are one or two mind-bending problems to get finally nailed down, a bunch of fairly minor tweaks and some nice, simple, no-brainer busywork things to finish up with. Like I said last month, sometimes it’s good to just have a few low-hanging fruit left that you can reach for when all the others are beginning to feel untouchable.

However, perhaps most important, in regard to a possible release timeline, Jim remarks, “Next month’s diary might just, if we’re really, really lucky, be the last.”

Anyway, check out some new preview images from both the developer diary and a recent Facebook post.

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For those interested, the complete developer diary is available via the Just Flight website. Stay tuned for more.

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