LatinVFR 2019/2020 Project Roadmap

LatinVFR 2019/2020 Project Roadmap

Following the release of New Orleans this past weekend, LatinVFR has disclosed (in part) the developers upcoming 2019/2020 project roadmap.

First, in the coming weeks, there will be a new PBR update for KMIA V4. According to Ricardo of LatinVFR, “Since we want to keep this update free we won’t do an entire 100% conversion, just the vital and important elements such as ground polys, metallic surfaces, windows/glass etc.” Please note however, the price will increase for new customers.

Next, with respect to future scenery development, both Fort Lauderdale (KFLL) and Narita (RJAA) are currently in progress. Fort Lauderdale is due by the end of this year and Narita by Spring 2020.

Lastly, for the past year or so, the team have been working on a secret project. Keep in mind, there will be no formal announcement until one week prior to release (which should be in the next couple months).

If you’d like to read the complete project roadmap, see the source post via the LatinVFR forums.

In other news, the developers online store now has 13 products available for sale.

*Image courtesy of LatinVFR.

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