Lionheart Creations + Kevin ‘Gibbage,’ Zenith 701

Bill Ortis of Lionheart Creations, in partnership with Kevin ‘Gibbage,’ have posted some new preview images showcasing the Zenith 701 for Prepar3D V4. According to Lionheart, “Testing is going on with the new Zenith 701, a joint project with developer Kevin ‘Gibbage’ of Aces Gaming Studios. Fun plane with strong STOL flight performance and the textures and PBR metal work is brilliant… Incredible bump mapping work.”

Moreover, in a separate post via the ‘Big Tire Pilots – STOL Pilots- Backcountry Pilots- Mountain Pilots’ Facebook group, Bill remarks, “[I’ve] been watching quite a few videos on the Zenith 701. Trying to dial in the best tune for its performance and handling.”

Check out the screenshots below.

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To view the original preview images, see the source post via Facebook. Keep in mind, there is currently no public release timeline for the project, Stay tuned for more.

You may recall, Lionheart last released the Revolution Tango 2 back in March.

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