Magknight Boeing 787-9 Aviator Edition, V1.2.0

Magknight has released a comprehensive product update for the developers Boeing 787-9 Aviator Edition for X-Plane 11.30+. The release brings the software up to Version 1.2.0 and features a number of wide-ranging improvements to the existing aircraft build.

Please see below for a complete update changelog.


  • Spoilers now deflect downwards with flaps
  • Flaps/Slats scheduling
  • Flaperons deploy with spoilers
  • Increased logging for Java App
  • Basic ISFD
  • Fuel system
  • Hydraulics system
  • EICAS messages associated with new modes
  • Further VATSIM CPDLC logic and outputs for HDG, ALT and SPD
  • Custom EFIS pages for new and old systems
  • Cockpit lighting
  • FLCH button illuminated when not enabled
  • APU now provides power at 95% N1
  • Issues with location of livery settings files on Mac/Linux
  • EFB derate errors multiplying
  • Engine 1 starter
  • Control surfaces are at lowest position when depressurized
  • Slats are now all metal
  • Screens dim incorrectly
  • Ailerons Move to far ‘up’
  • Spoilers can’t deploy to 100% whilst airborne
  • Flaperons should droop on takeoff roll
  • TAT display on EICAS shows OAT
  • Slats should be all metal
  • Type of flaps changed in flight model
  • Spoilers Deploy when armed on ground
  • Updated native plugin to improve startup and shutdown reliability
  • Starters now don’t engage fuel
  • Hydraulics pressurisation times
  • Reduced reverse thrust as per new data
  • Tuned airfoils to function better at high angles of attack
  • EFB now stores values persistently
  • EFB now transfers CG to calculator page
  • Dataref assignments to allow for future sound pack
  • Now saves values from the ACFT SETUP page in livery settings files.
  • Navdata is now avilable on the store page, and is not shipped by default
  • Custom sounds for APU and AC


For more information about the Magknight Boeing 787-9 Aviator Edition, visit the product sales page via the store.

*Image courtesy of Magknight.

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