Mettar Simulations, Organizational Changes

Matt Davies has released a particularly personal blog post relating to his involvement with Mettar Simulations.  In the most simplistic terms, Matt will be taking a break from both Mettar and the entire flight simulation community.  This decision comes after some ongoing monetary challenges relating to organizational financing agreements and general cash flow.  Moreover and beyond Matt, several other members of the core development team have also left the organization for financial reasons.

Nonetheless, according to Matt, both projectFLY and the Airbus 380 continue to be in active development.  However, more information is still required with respect to POSCON, PTA, and Simstall.

Mettar Simulations Organizational Changes

Although normally we would post the complete article, in this particular situation, due to the personal nature of the writing, we will not.  If you’d like to read the complete article by Matt Davies, visit the source post titled “Learn from my mistakes, please.” via the Mettar Simulations website.

*Image courtesy of Mettar Simulations.

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