Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 – August 29, 2019 Development Update

Once again, Microsoft has posted a new development update with respect to MSFS 2020. The update includes two new screenshots and three video clips from an early 2019 build. Moreover, the team provides a status update regarding several news items as well as a revised project roadmap. However, perhaps most important, recruitment for Tech Alpha will commence on September 12, 2019.

Please see below for the complete development update.

Wandering into the grass of irrelevancy attempting to flush out the rodents of inaccuracy in order to bring you the “real news”.

As we bring August to a close, the team wanted to provide a few quick updates and some new content.

  • Development Roadmap – General release of the DR is here! We’ve added a few updates for September to improve clarity.
  • Web Post Timing – For those of you ”across the pond” and in time zones not “PST” – we are working to deliver our updates earlier in the day. So look for earlier post times starting in September.  
  • Build Program Update – Tech Alpha sign-up starts September 12th!
  • Feature Discovery Series – The Feature Discovery Series (preview in September, launch in October) is our deep dive into the areas of the simulation, driven by a number of threads we’ve seen across the forums we follow closely. We are on track to provide a preview at the end of September and the kickoff of the series in early October.
  • Media Update – We posted (2) Screenshots and (3) clips from early 2019 builds. Head into the Insider Area to check out the goods!

Next update coming September 12th!


Microsoft Flight Simulator Team

Next, check out the screenshots showcasing the Grand Caravan over the desert as well as a single wingtip image – the revised roadmap has also been included below.

Loading Images

Please note, the video clips have not been added here but are available via the Insider Program members’ area.

To review the original development update, see the source post via the Microsoft Flight Simulator website. The above screenshots and some additional commentary is also available via the Insider Program members’ area. If you haven’t already done so, visit the sign up page.

Lastly, according to a comment in the members’ section, the next development update might include preview material from the current build.

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