Microsoft Flight Simulator March 12 development update

Another week, another development update (and new alpha screenshots) by the team at Microsoft in regard to MSFS 2020. And yes, we are a day late to this one. Please see below for the complete post including imagery.

“Either the grass/weeds are too big or the plane is too small. Hope they can fix things like this before release…”

  •  Avsim User

Fix grass. Check.

  •  MSFT

The team has been hard at work on a number of key deliverables we’re planning to release in the near future. There are a few updates we wanted to make everyone aware of:

  • March 19th – EPISODE 8 (Multiplayer) will be released.

  • March 19th – DR roadmap preview for April/May will be released.

  • Early April – EPISODE 7 (IFR) will be released.

  • Early April – Partnership Series update will be released.


The upcoming Alpha build update is currently in release testing. We expect to provide a release date and build notes in our next update on March 19th.



For those of you that have not yet registered for pre-release build testing or that have registered but would like to update your DXDIAG information, we will be opening registration on March 16th.

On March 19th, we will provide an update on our invitation timeline.


On March 19th, the team will be releasing the next episode in the Feature Discovery Series (Episode 8 – Multiplayer). In this episode, we’ll  take an in-depth look at the multiplayer feature in the upcoming next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator!



We have released an updated version of the Feedback Snapshot! Head into the Insider Area to check it out.


The SDK is now being used by over 50 companies and hundreds of programmers and artists. We have spent time listening, discussing and learning from our 3rd party developers, and we are working closely with them to keep improving the tools. The new aircraft editor is close to being finished with several improvements to the workflow. We also made lots of progress on WebAssembly support, which is the technology that will allow the porting of native code to our platform. We are excited to share what we developed with our partners within the next few weeks.

Several 3rd parties have started to share the roadmaps with us and we happy to report that dozens of planes and airports are in development and we are hopeful that quite a few of them will be ready by the time our new simulator is released.

NEXT UPDATE – 03.18.20


Microsoft Flight Simulator Team

Images: credited individually

Source: Microsoft

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