MilViz Announces Piper Twin Comanche

MilViz has posted a teaser image showcasing the developers next project, that being the Piper Twin Comanche.  Originally posted with the caption “#guesstheplane”, the aircraft type was identified by several commenters and later confirmed by the developer.  There are numerous projects currently underway by the MilViz team and this aircraft will most certainly prove a welcome addition to the project list.

Check out the teaser image below.

MilViz Announces Piper Twin Comanche

The Piper Twin Comanche is a classic twin engine monoplane with over 2100 examples built – historically, the aircraft made its first fight in November of 1962.  I have no doubt there will be significant demand for this release.

To see the original image and accompanying commentary, jump to the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about MilViz, visit the developers official website.

*Image courtesy of Military Visualizations.

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