[UPDATE] MilViz ATR 72-600 for X-Plane 11, Kickstarter Ended

MilViz ATR Liveries Blue

UPDATE: Further to our original article (which remains unchanged), MilViz has now posted an official statement regarding the Kickstarter campaign. Please see below.


ATR for XP Kickstarter

We want to thank all of you for putting your faith in us. I am sorry it didn’t work out in the end.

As to why, there are already many opinions on the internet, but I prefer to believe that the timing wasn’t right.

Where does this leave us? We will continue bit by bit, bringing aircraft into XP, and testing the water as we go.

Will we develop the ATR for XP? Not at the moment, but we’re open to the idea if circumstances change.

Thank you once again for your support – it means a lot to us!

All the best – Osh


Back in March, MilViz launched a somewhat controversial Kickstarter campaign to raise $27,000 CDN for development of the ATR 72-600 for X-Plane 11. In essence, the money was intended to demonstrate a commitment by the community regarding the project and costs associated with the conversion process (from Prepar3D). The campaign has now ended and funding was unsuccessful raising only $4,111 CDN. As such, the project will not be moving forward.

Nonetheless, MilViz has previously mentioned other less complex conversions slated for the X-Plane platform. Moreover, although not formally announced, there is a reasonable likelihood Carenado will bring the ATR 42-500 to X-Plane 11.

To review the final funding results, visit the campaign page via Kickstarter. Keep in mind, MilViz will continue development of the ATR 42-600 and 72-600 for Prepar3D 4.4+.

*Image courtesy of Military Visualizations.

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  • MilViz, is not a serious company. People don’t pay for projects in the “Air”, people pay for real products (some people pay for Early Access with something they can try ir when pay).

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