MilViz Piper Twin Comanche, “Imminent”

MilViz or Military Visualizations has announced that the developers Piper Twin Comanche for FSX and Prepar3D is now imminent.  Specifically, according to the developer, “Twinkie imminent!”  The project was originally announced back in June of this year although there have been very few previews to date.  Nonetheless, this one is coming very soon.

Alongside the imminent release announcement, MilViz posted a new teaser image – please see below.

MilViz Piper Twin Comanche Imminent

To review the original teaser image and accompanying commentary, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about MilViz, check out the developers website.  Stay tuned for an official release announcement.

*Image courtesy of Military Visualizations.

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