MilViz, Questions Regarding PBR Demand for Older Aircraft

MilViz has posed some questions to the community regarding the implementation of PBR for older aircraft products.  Although all new aircraft will indeed feature PBR materials, there is a significant amount of overhead to update existing models.  According to a post via Facebook, “Some of you have expressed an interest in having PBR in some of our older products.  We are considering this, but it is not a small job.  If it were, we would surely do it gratis.  However to do both the external and cockpit properly will take about a month per plane, so we would have to charge a fee to cover the cost.”

As such, the developer asks, “What we want to know is how many would go for it, and for what planes.  Do you care about PBR in the VC, or just the shiny outsides?  The more who want it, the lower the price.  If no one wants to pay, we won’t bother.”

This post of course relates only to Prepar3D V4.4.

To submit your feedback, see the source post via Facebook.  If you’d like more information about MilViz, visit the developers website.

*Image courtesy of Military Visualizations.

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