MilViz SR-71 Blackbird, Cockpit at Night

MilViz has posted several new preview images showcasing ongoing progress with regards to the developers SR-71 Blackbird project.  Accompanying the preview images, the developer notes, “Nighttime in the SR-71.”  Keep in mind, the project is still very much a work in progress.

The Blackbird is a long range reconnaissance aircraft originally developed by Lockheed – performance wise, the aircraft is capable of speeds exceeding Mach 3 and altitudes of up to 85,000 feet.

Check out the latest previews below.

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To review the original imagery source and accompanying commentary, see the developers official Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about MilViz, visit the developers website.

The project was last previewed earlier this year, see our post dated May 8, 2018 for more.

*Images courtesy of Military Visualizations.

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