MilViz SR-71 Blackbird, PVD Teaser

MilViz has posted a new teaser image demonstrating the cockpit PVD system to be included as part of the upcoming SR-71 Blackbird project for FSX and Prepar3D.  For those unfamiliar, the PVD system is basically a red laser beam that runs across the panel depicting the horizon at night.

Check out the teaser image below.

MilViz SR-71 Blackbird PVD Teaser

To review the original imagery source, see the developers official Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about MilViz or Military Visualizations, visit the developers website.

Cockpit night lighting was also previewed last month, see our post dated September 14, 2018 for more information.

*Image courtesy of Military Visualizations.

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