MilViz Turbo Otter, Now with Skis

MilViz or Military Visualizations has posted yet another teaser image with regards to the developers upcoming Turbo Otter.  The latest preview image showcases the Turbo Otter wearing skis and really reinforces the massive versatility of the airplane.  There are so many mission possibilities ranging from standard operations all the way to snow, bush, and water!

I am tremendously excited for this release and can’t wait to push this aircraft to the absolute limits.

Check out the latest teaser below.

MilViz Turbo Otter Preview Skis

The developer has already stated that the aircraft is coming soon, see our post from June 8, 2018 for more information and to review the previous product teaser.

Stay tuned for more, can’t be too far now.

To see the original image source, visit the developers official Facebook page.

*Image courtesy of Military Visualizations.

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