MK-Studios, Brief Project Update + Community Poll

Mateusz of MK-Studios has shared a brief status update concerning various ongoing scenery projects for Prepar3D V4. Moreover, the developer has posted a new community poll regarding the next comprehensive scenery update (between Lanzarote and Fuerteventura), also for Prepar3D. Please see below.


As we continue to standardize all of our products and raise their quality we want to update another scenery to include PBR and more P3D V4.4+ stuff inside.

We’d like to ask you which scenery would you like to see updated first?

What NEW would you like to see in the scenery that you find important?

Just to answer a few questions that will happen anyway.

– Secret project is going pretty well!
– We’ll get you a new Dublin preview in the next days.
– Rome P3D4.4+ is going well as well!
– Lisbon will get an update too.



To submit your feedback, see the source post via the developers Facebook page. Alternatively, for more information about MK-Studios, visit the developers website.

In other news, the team also just released a new product update for Tenerife South V2.

Image // MK-Studios

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