MK-Studios Lanzarote + Tenerife South, Updated

MK-Studios has released Lanzarote (P3D V4) Version 1.01 and Tenerife Volume 1 (FSX, P3D V3, P3D V4) Version 1.1.  Both updates include a number of improvements with regards to their respective sceneries.  As always, it’s great to see developers maintaining and improving exiting offerings, well done to the MK-Studios team.

MK-Studios Lanzarote Tenerife Update

Please see below for full changelog information addressing both Lanzarote and Tenerife Volume 1 updates.

Tenerife Vol.1 1.1
– Vegetation density adjusted around the airport,
– Autogen improvements,
– Fonts and sizes of ground markings changed,
– 3D grass size fixed,
– Added missing TDZ marking on rwy 26,
– New asphalt and concrete textures,
– Cars around tower added,
– Disa pertrol station added,
– More apron vehicles,
– Bus parking markings fixed,
– Added road signs,
– Ground flickering improved (FSX).

Lanzarote 1.01
– GSX docking systems visible,
– Static VDGS models for non-gsx users added,
– Possible landclass conflict between GCRR/GCFV fixed,
– AFCAD improvements,
– Gate T7 removed from AFCAD and GSX due to possible conflicts,
– GSX parking positions adjusted,
– AI not landing fixed,
– Missing fans added in port area and Valles,
– New jet blast models added,
– Oil tanks added,
– Default landclass flickering near El Golfo fixed,
– Autogen improvements.

Lanzarote was only recently released, see our post from June 21, 2018 to review.  Both updates should be available now at the point of original purchase.

If you’d like to learn more about Tenerife Volume 1, see the product sales page via simMarket.  With regards to Lanzarote, jump to the applicable product page via the developers website for more information.

*Image courtesy of MK-Studios.

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