MK-Studios Lisbon Airport, Released

After much anticipation, MK-Studios has released LPPT, Lisbon Airport for Prepar3D V4.  The airport is recreated in high detail and represents the current facility layout.  Moreover, beyond the airport itself, the scenery features a significant portion of the city and surrounding area.

Check out the official video trailer below.

Next, see a product features list according to the developer.

  • Highly detailed buildings specially designed and optimized for P3DV4,
  • Terminal interior modelled in 3D with correct gate numbers and people,
  • SODE jetways and double jetways with interior,
  • SODE windsocks,
  • New ground technics based on real photographs, specular and bump mapping,
  • Fully up to date ground layout,
  • Highly optimized dynamic lightning with different effect types adjusted for exact type of light and direction needed,
  • Condition based runway lightning with realistic dimmed light power (as operated mostly in Lisbon),
  • GSX based docking system and adjusted stands for real operations,
  • Interactive holding point lights that change color when approaching them, active only in selected areas like in the real airport,
  • Realistic precipitation effects on the ground with water accumulated in some areas,
  • 50cm/pixel sattelite coverage of the city with autogen,
  • 36 important custom city objects and 3 bridges,
  • Custom mesh for the city and airport area,
  • Airport configurator with multiple performance options,
  • 3D city night lightning.

Lisbon Airport is a major international facility handling well over 26 million passengers per annum.  Airlines currently serving the airport include Air Transat, Azores Airlines, Ryanair, TAP Air Portugal, United Airlines, and many more.

To learn more or to purchase, see the official product sales page via simMarket.  As of the time of this writing, the scenery is priced at €23.00 EUR.  If you’d like to learn more about MK-Studios, visit the developers website.

Keep in mind, the next project by MK-Studios is to be Dublin, Ireland.

*Video and feature image courtesy of MK-Studios.

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