MK-Studios Vágar Airport, Final Preview

MK-Studios has posted a new set of preview images from the developers upcoming EKVG, Vágar Airport for Prepar3D V4.  Although the project was only announced this week, the latest preview images represent the final peek before release.  According to MK-Studios, “It’s getting cold there.  Always good to check METAR for braking action on the runway, looks like it’s covered by snow and ice.  Enjoy the last previews before Vagar is released.”

Check out the final preview images below.  Please note, one additional previously released screenshot has been included bottom right to complete the gallery.

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Next, see a product features list according to the developer.

  • Highly detailed buildings specially designed and optimized for P3DV4,
  • Object baked shadows,
  • Custom vehicles and airport objects,
  • 3D people,
  • Realistic 3D snow,
  • SODE windsock,
  • New ground technics based on real photographs, specular and bump mapping,
  • Up to date ground layout,
  • Highly optimized dynamic lightning with different effect types adjusted for exact type of light and direction needed,
  • Realistic night lightning,
  • GSX compatible,
  • Realistic precipitation effects on the ground,
  • 50cm/pixel sattelite coverage of the closest airport area,
  • Custlom landclass for whole Faroe Islands,
  • Detailed autogen,
  • Custom mesh for all Faroe Islands,
  • Custom helipads.

You may note that the above features list includes 3D snow – perhaps an incoming trend following the release of the Kiruna Airport bundle

To review the original preview set as well as accompanying commentary, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about MK-Studios, check out the developers website.

*Images courtesy of MK-Studios.

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