MK-Studios Vágar Airport, Released

MK-Studios has released EKVG, Vágar Airport for Prepar3D V4.  According to the developer, “Try your pilot skills flying to one the most demanding airports of Europe.  Expect high wind gusts, 14° offset LOC approach to runway 12, or 3.5° step GS on ILS 30.  Watch your speed, the runway is just 1799 meters long!  No matter which one you choose, keep in mind the airport is surrounded by mountains, there’s no place for mistakes”

Check out some official release captures below.

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Next, see a product features list according to the developer.

  • Highly detailed buildings specially designed and optimized for P3DV4,
  • Terminal interior modeled,
  • Object baked shadows,
  • Custom vehicles and airport objects,
  • 3D people,
  • Realistic 3D snow,
  • SODE windsock,
  • New ground technics based on real photographs, specular and bump mapping,
  • Up to date ground layout,
  • Highly optimized dynamic lightning with different effect types adjusted for exact type of light and direction needed,
  • Realistic night lightning,
  • Realistic precipitation effects on the ground,
  • 50cm/pixel sattelite coverage of the closest airport area,
  • Custlom landclass for whole Faroe Islands,
  • Custom mesh for all Faroe Islands,
  • Detailed autogen,
  • Custom helipads.

To review the complete release announcement, see the source post via the developers Facebook page.  Alternatively, jump directly to the product sales page via simMarket.  As of the time of this writing, the scenery is priced at €16.00 EUR.

*Images courtesy of MK-Studios.

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