Nemeth Designs Mil Mi-35, Released for FSX and P3D V4

Nemeth Designs has released the Mil Mi-35 Super Hind for FSX, FSX Steam Edition, and Prepar3D V4.  Based on original blueprints and documentation, the design work and modeling look to be excellent.  It’s certainly an aggressive looking machine!

The helicopter is an advanced version of the famous Mi-24 series developed by South African Advanced Technologies and Engineering.

Check out some product release images below.

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Next, see the full product description according tot he developer.

The Mil Mi-35 (Super Hind) is the most advanced version of the famous Mi-24 series helicopters, developed by the South African Advanced Technologies and Engineering.

ATE’s developments are focused on that the original Mi-24 deficiencies were in regards of night-combat capabilities, fire-power, reliability and troublesome and expensive logistics. This included a removal of most of obsolete, Soviet-made avionics — only the air data system, rate gyros and radar altimeter were retained. This resulted in weight reduction of more than 1,800 kilograms. The company made the Super Hind Mk.III user-friendly and maintainable even under most primitive conditions

New doppler radar, GPS-assisted navigational system, the ARINC Mil-Std 1553 data-bus, the Carl Zeiss Optronics Argos 410-Z airborne observation system turret, a dual-feed, hydraulically driven Vektor F2 chain turret with a 20-millimeter GIAT cannon and South African-made ZT-3 Ingwe anti-tank guided missiles were among the many installed upgrades.


  • 3 paint themes.
  • Detailed exterior and interior models
  • Custom snow and rain windshield effects
  • Hundreds of custom animations on the exterior and interior models
  • Night cockpit lighting
  • Fully clickable dynamic virtual cockpit
  • 3D animated instruments
  • Based on original blueprints, documentations
  • PDF manual
  • Support for multiple platforms*

* MS Flight Simulator X with Acceleration, MS Flight Simulator X Steam Edition, Lockheed Martin Prepar3D v4

If you’d like review more screenshots or to purchase, visit the developers official product sales page, click here.

*Images courtesy of Nemeth Designs.

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