New Preview Image from Riddlez Santa Fe Regional Airport

Riddlez Interactive has posted a new preview image from the developers upcoming KSAF, Santa Fe Regional Airport scenery.  The image showcases the tarmac area surrounding the terminal building as well as the main parking lot and several other buildings.  Everything looks excellent to date and it certainly appears as if the project is advancing nicely.  Northern New Mexico is an absolutely beautiful location and this scenery might just be the perfect starting point for casual sightseeing flights.

Check out the new preview image below, top left.  Several other previously released previews have been included for reference purposes.

Loading Images

Based on feedback to date, there appears to be many anxiously awaiting this release!  I’m personally very much excited to test for myself.

To see our previous preview post relating to this project, click here – please note, the post does not feature any images not included above.

If you’d like to review the original source posting, visit the developers Facebook page.

*Images courtesy of Riddlez Interactive.

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