New Particle System Coming to X-Plane 11.30

Laminar Research has posted a preview video showcasing the new particle system to be included as part of the upcoming X-Plane 11.30 update release.  Said feature has many practical applications including engine fires, contrails, an even perhaps volcanos.  The latest preview video showcases the new particle system by way of engine fire, additional previews demonstrating other applications should be available soon.

Check out the particle system demonstration video below.

The X-Plane platform continues to transform, evolve, and improve!  One cannot ignore the tremendous strides made by the development team day in and day out.

I certainly look forward to more clarification and information regarding this feature, stay tuned for more.

To see the original video source and accompanying commentary, jump to the applicable post via the Laminar Research Facebook page.  If you’d like to learn more about Laminar Research and the incredible X-Plane simulation platform, check out the developers website.

*Video courtesy of Laminar Research.

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