Nimbus Huey, Information and Previews

Nimbus Simulation Studios has posted some new information and previews concerning the developers upcoming Huey for X-Plane 11. Specifically, according to the developer, “Maintenance module is almost complete, exceeding the limits will cause incremental damage. Engine, transmission, rotor, battery and hydraulic fluid must be maintained to guarantee a safe operation.”

Moreover, in regards to the copilot system, the developer explains that the feature “…will allow you to enjoy the view or use the machine guns, he will be able to hold the current altitude, selected heading or keep a constant bank.”

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Keep in mind, there is still no official release timeline for the project.

To review the original preview images and accompanying commentary, see the source post via Facebook. For those interested, the developer also posted a WIP preview video back in January.

In other news, Nimbus is also working on various scenery projects including Memphis and an update for Atlanta.

*Images courtesy of Nimbus Simulation Studios.

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